Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Control Pads for Shower Cabins and Steam ShowersSteam shower and Steam with Whirlpool baths have electronic control pads to enable you to operate the lights, radio, ozone and all the other great functions. Steam Shower control pads can even feature integrated television facilities too.

These control pads feature controls for lights, ozone, steam time and temperature as TV and AV input, along with FM Radio. Note these are not Digital TV models.

These TV are found in models branded 9011TV, Pembrook TV, BH11 and other named varients.

We supply control pads that carry the TR, MK and also AquaLusso Branding:
TR001, TR002Y, TR002Y-1, TR016, TR019, MK117, MK220

Deluxe touch screen control pad, for models including 8004, 8002 manufacturers code. 155mm x 110mm

Deluxe Touch Screen pad. 170mm x 110mm

AquaLusso Branded Control pad for steam showers produced by AquaLusso.

The very popular TR002Y/TR002Y-1
This is a very reliable control pad found in many steam showers. 155mm x 105mm
To order a TR002Y or TR002Y-1 control pad click here to visit Steam Shower Spares

TR019. This control pad is found in many steam and whirlpool baths. To order your replacement, please visit our website: The TR019 is 175mm x 52mm

TR016 Steam Shower Electronic Control Pad

This electronic control pad is fitted to Whirlpool baths. 175mm x 52mm

This electronic control pad is usually found in shower cabins - those without steam functions. This pad operates lights, radio and fan and comes with connection to each of those items as well as a telephone jack connection.

These pads all work with remotes, to order remotes to macth these control pads, please visit our website.

To order online and find out the prices for these shower spares, please visit our website.